100ideas Oklahoma

With the centennial around the corner, the first 100 years of
Oklahoma’s story are ending. Now a new chapter begins. As
Oklahoma enters its second century, our state is poised for greatness.

Speaker Lance Cargill, working with an advisory panel of dynamic leaders, is looking ahead to the future. He understands that as
much as leaders hope to achieve at the state capitol,
government is not the solution.

Government cannot build our economy to provide more
opportunities. Government cannot inspire citizens.

Instead, the energy and drive of our people will
move our state forward. The hardworking
citizens who pay taxes and raise families.

That’s why Speaker Cargill formed the 100 Ideas Initiative.

The 100 Ideas initiative seeks citizen input to create a stronger
grassroots approach to governing while also soliciting the excel-
lence of Oklahoma’s citizenry.

Beginning in February of 2007, Speaker Lance Cargill will travel
across the state to change Oklahoma’s mindset to look ahead to
the long-term future of our state. Through a series of town hall
meetings and interaction with the state’s citizens called
IdeaRaisers, the 100 Ideas Initiative will develop a comprehensive
vision as we move into the next 100 years of our state’s history.

The 100 Ideas Initiative is based in part on the
highly-successful "100 Ideas" project in Florida.

It’s a commitment to listen to the state's
citizens, to be guided by their ideas and to work
to create a state government that boosts opportunity
for Oklahoma’s families.

At the end of the year, the 100 Ideas Initiative will publish a
book filled with the best 100 ideas from IdeaRaisers across the

The book will serve as an agenda for Speaker Cargill and as a
plan for Oklahoma’s second century.