100ideas Oklahoma
100 Ideas Oklahoma Frequently Asked Questions
What is the 100 Ideas Initiative?

This new citizens' initiative is a plan to change Oklahoma's mindset. Just like the pioneers of the Oklahoma Land run rushed into this new territory to stake out their claim on land, 100 Ideas will encourage modern pioneers to stake out new and innovative ideas for the state's second century. The 100 Ideas initiative will change the way business is done at the State Capitol. Instead of legislation originating from lobbyists, special interests and government employees, this initiative seeks ideas from the private sector and from citizens across the great state of Oklahoma. Once the initiative is complete, the top 100 ideas will be published in a book and presented to the Oklahoma State Legislature.

How can I get involved?

Becoming a part of the 100 Ideas initiative is easy. Those wishing to get involved can attend an IdeaRaiser, inquire about scheduling an IdeaRaiser or visit the 100 Ideas website to interact and submit ideas. You can also write a letter to P.O. Box 57641, Oklahoma City, OK 73157-7641.

What is an IdeaRaiser?

Most people are familiar with fundraisers for local charities. We've taken that concept and applied it to the world of ideas. IdeaRaisers will be held to discuss and create bold ideas. Through a series of town hall meetings and interaction with the state's citizens, the initiative will develop a comprehensive vision as Oklahoma moves into the next century of statehood. After the IdeaRaising is complete, the best 100 ideas from across the state will be published in a book and will establish a blueprint for the second century of this great state.

Can I schedule an IdeaRaiser?

Anyone can schedule an IdeaRaiser. Schedulers should secure a date, time and location. Then information about the IdeaRaiser should be submitted to the 100 Ideas website. It may prove helpful to outline a topic or specific area of interest that will be discussed at the IdeaRaiser. Event organizers should collect contact information for participants in order to get in touch with them if needed.

What kinds of ideas are you looking for?

When writing bold ideas for Oklahoma's future, some fundamental principles should be kept in mind.
- First, the ideas should be relevant to day-to-day life.
- Second, every idea should be about the future. They should not just make Oklahoma a better place to live and work today, but also a better place to live and work well into the future.
- Third, no idea should unnecessarily expand the role of government. While government services provide vital needs in many cases, government alone is not the answer for the challenges and opportunities Oklahoma faces. There are too many instances of government letting people down, failing, or trapping them in a cycle of dependency.
Oklahoma's hardworking families can achieve solutions for our state.